NUMECA FINE/Open 7.2 Linux

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NUMECA FINE/Open 7.2 Linux

NUMECA FINE/Open 7.2 Linux | 4.1 Gb

NUMECA International team is pleased to announce the availability of FINE/Open with OpenLabs 7.2, which the company says allows users to freely develop and exchange physical models in CFD. The solution helps avoid complex programming tasks through the use of an easy meta-language. Users can use OpenLabs to develop or improve models, including atmospheric boundary layer models; actuator disk simulations; and soot modeling, turbulence, multiphase, combustion models.

The following is a detailed list of new capabilities and enhancements in FINE/Open with OpenLabs v7:

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- FlexLM Based Security ID Upgraded to v17
- Improve administration wizard
- General Upgrades in Package
FINE/Open with OpenLabs
- Advanced controls for multi-rank harmonic method
- Compatibility of NLH with Merkle preconditioning and perfect gas
- Compatibility of Merkle preconditionning and condensable gas
- Zero-radius rotor/stator interface
- Robustness improvements during coarse grid initialization
- New solver for solid blocks
- Define injection points by file for Lagrangian simulations
- Ability to define constants by expression in OpenLabs
- Customization of rotational speed through OpenLabs
- Fluid/Structure Interaction - Rigid Body Motion through OpenLabs

About Numeca FINE/Open. FINE/Open with OpenLabs is a powerful CFD Flow Integrated Environment dedicated to complex internal and external flows. It can solve any flow, from incompressible to low and high speed flows. It combines completely unstructured hexahedral grids with an efficient preconditioned compressible solver with fast agglomerated multigrid acceleration and adaptation techniques.

FINE/Open with OpenLabs allows users to freely develop and exchange physical models in CFD, with a new open approach to CFD. Complex programming tasks are avoided through the usage of an easy meta-language. Users can develop, improve and customize physical and numerical models as for instance:

- Transport equations (convection-diffusion-source)
- Steady or unsteady source terms (heat, force, mass)
- Diffusion coefficients
- Algebraic relations
- Initial and boundary conditions
- Turbulence models, combustion models, radiation models
- Atmospheric boundary layer models,
- Actuator disk simulations,
- Soot modeling

About Numeca International Inc. NUMECA International SA develops computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software for the simulation, design, and optimization of fluid flow and heat transfer worldwide. It offers automated and customized flow integrated environments (FINE), including FINE/Turbo for the simulation of rotating and turbomachinery flows; FINE/Open for the simulation of complex internal and external applications; and FINE/Marine for marine applications.

Product: NUMECA FINE/Open with OpenLabs
Version: 7.2
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: Linux
Supported Operating Systems: Fedora Core 22.x, 25.x, (K)Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04, CentOS 7.0.1406
Size: 4.1 Gb
NUMECA FINE/Open 7.2 Windows

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NUMECA FINE/Open 7.2 Linux
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